The beauty of the coast is one of the reasons you chose to live in Rehoboth Beach, but if your kitchen or bath does not reflect the beauty on the outside, let Kitchen Fancy help you bring more enjoyment to your home. Our talented kitchen and bath remodeling experts can freshen up your kitchen or bathroom with custom cabinetry, new countertops, built-ins, tile and backsplash, and floor-to-ceiling remodeling.

Kitchen Fancy has been serving Rehoboth Beach homeowners for over two decades. Our premium bath and kitchen renovation team are the best at what they do, adding an extra level of professionalism by being thorough, detail oriented and by coming up with clever design ideas. In fact, many of the Rehoboth Beach, DE homeowners quickly receive ROI on our services by seeing reduced rates on utility bills. We show you energy efficient, modern solutions to transform your bath and kitchen easily. Let Kitchen Fancy come give you a free assessment today.

Rehoboth Beach, DE Kitchen Remodeling Service


Our enthusiasm for kitchen transformations has never wavered, and we most enjoy taking before and after pictures of the renovation. Many of our Rehoboth Beach customers can’t believe the changes they see, both in the functional aspects of a kitchen remodel, as well as the beautification. Need more counter space? More room for dishes and knick-knacks? More space to cook or entertain your family? The kitchen is one of your family’s most used rooms. Our professional kitchen remodelers will help you tailor to match the décor, and more. Let’s work together to make your Rehoboth Beach dream kitchen come true!


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